Sell Your House to Us

We Buy Properties … regardless of condition, equity, or situation. We’ve handled just about every situation you can imagine. We buy with cash. We even have many creative solutions available. We are experienced and knowledgeable.
We only take on projects that have a great chance of being a win-win for everyone involved.
For example, did you know there are at least 12 Different Ways to Sell Your Property that real estate agents won’t often tell you about?

We DO work with real estate agents, and we can recommend one for you, but what you and your real estate agent will be looking for is a BUYER. That’s where WE come in. We recommend that you contact us FIRST, so we can help manage the process. We can BUY your house ourselves, so you and your agent DON’T have to wait for weeks or months for a buyer to show up.

Call us NOW at 626-483-2242 so we can make you an offer on your house.

Or Fill Out the Following and hit Submit. Don’t have a website? That’s OK, just leave that blank.

Give us some details about your house in the Comment box and it will generate a private email to us. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

(Privacy Policy: We will NEVER share your info with anyone, without your permission)

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